About Organic Milk Corp

Organic Milk Corp, also known as Farm Fresh Dairy, is an exclusive distributor of Byrne Dairy, Ronnybrook Farms products, and numerous other brand name products, to the Northern New Jersey Metro area.

For over 20 years, we have serviced the Northern New Jersey area. Our top priority is your satisfaction – because if you’re not satisfied, we don’t stay in business! We stand behind our service and we stand behind our products – and we always welcome your comments or suggestions.

We take pride in searching out products that don’t use rBST or any other type of growth hormone and food enhancing drugs.

From milk in old-fashioned glass bottles, to eggs, beef, yogurt, bread, water and more, Organic Milk Corp. draws upon the best farms in the area to bring you the highest quality products with the best possible service. The convenience of home and office delivery with an extensive, growing product line to make your life easier and your trips to the supermarket quicker. When freshness is what you want . . . we deliver!

We believe we sell the best tasting milk in New Jersey. Besides the milk being naturally superior it can even come in glass bottles which keeps the milk colder and pure in taste.

Our bottles are returned to the dairy, sanitized, and refilled. No container waste is added to the environment.

In addition to our milk we offer many other fine products, including eggs – both brown and white, butter, cream, juices, bread, etc. We also handle a wide variety of “Organic” products, including chicken, beef and more.

All you need to do to begin receiving the best tasting milk, produce, beef, seafood, desserts and much more for your family, just call us at 201-224-8489 or email info@organicmilkcorp.com